The Custom Alert Tag is the value that you use to change a line from an ordinary line to an Alert Line.  This is to make sure you don't accidentally send lots of alerts to yourself every time you draw a line and price hits it. By default, if you want to add an Alert Line to your chart, the word you need to enter into the Tag of a valid straight line is alert.  Read more about Alert Lines.  Most people just leave it, but if you want you can customize the word you use.

Follow these easy steps to customize this word:

  1. On any chart that contains the FSPriceAlerts indicator, open the Indicators window.
  2. Select FSPriceAlerts from the Configured panel.  This will bring up the FSPriceAlerts indicator properties in the Properties panel.
  3. Change the value for Custom Alert Tag to whatever meaningful value you want.  TIP: Avoid names that are used by default in your trading platform.  NinjaTrader uses the line type followed by a number.  For example, if you drew a Ray, it might add the default Tag of Ray3.  If you used the word ray as your Custom Alert Tag, all Rays that you draw on the chart would immediately be Alert Lines as long as NinjaTrader used the Tag value that included the word Ray.
  4. If you want to save this setting for your Custom Alert Tag and use that for the default value every time you add the FSPriceAlerts indicator to a chart, you can save it as a template in the FSPriceAlerts Properties window on the lower right corner.  Simply click template -> save and either use Default to load that one by default, or give it a unique name if you only want to load it on specific charts in the future.
  5. If for some reason you want all valid straight lines to immediately be Alert Lines as soon as you draw them on your chart, regardless of their Tag value, you can accomplish that as well. You would simply delete all of the text in the Custom Alert Tag value in the FSPriceAlerts indicator Properties panel.