The My Account Balance section only shows in special situations.  If you don't see My Account Balance on your Dashboard, that means we're able to give you all alert types free, although there might be a limit to each type depending on your plan.  If you see My Account Balance, it means that you are either on the Professional or Premium level, therefore you have unlimited Calls and Texts.  If the cost is high enough for us we will use the account balance system, and you will see the My Account Balance section.  You'll also see how much each call and text will deduct from your credits.  Professional members receive $5 monthly credit on us (you don't pay for this, it is included in your membership fee).  If you stay at or under that $5 you won't pay extra.  However, to protect against runaway costs, anything over that $5 will be your responsibility at the end of the month.  So, if your cost per call is $0.25 and you send 20 calls that month, you will have an account balance of $0.  If you send another 4 calls before the end of the month, you will have -$1.00 and will pay the extra dollar at the end of that month.  It works the same for Premium members, only they receive $10 monthly credit.